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Abdelhamid Charef
Abdelhamid Charef

Noorie 1979 Hindi Movie Download

Noorie 1979 Hindi Movie

Noorie is a 1979 Indian romance film produced by Yash Chopra, and directed by Manmohan Krishna; this is his only film as director. The film stars Farooq Shaikh, Poonam Dhillon, Madan Puri and Iftekhar. The film's music is by Khayyam and the lyrics by Jan Nisar Akhtar.

The film was a "Super-Hit" and the seventh highest-grossing film at the Indian box office in 1979. It was also an overseas hit in China, where it released in 1981, and became one of the most successful Indian films in China at the time, along with Awaara and Caravan.



Noorie (Poonam Dhillon) lives in the Bhaderwah valleys with her father, Ghulam Nabi (Iftekhar) and her dog Khairoo. She has a boyfriend Yusuf (Farooq Shaikh), they decide to get married, the date is decided and preparations begin. Another villager, Bashir Khan (Bharat Kapoor), takes a liking to Noorie and approaches Noorie's father for her hand in marriage, to which Ghulam Nabi refuses. An angry Bashir Khan then arranges the murder of Gulam Nabi, through his men, using a falling tree. The marriage is suspended, and few months later when the marriage preparations are back on, Bashir Khan, who happens to be Yusuf's boss, sends him on an errand out of town. While Yusuf is away, Bashir Khan goes to Noorie's house and brutally rapes her. Noorie commits suicide and Yusuf learns of everything upon his return. So, followed by Khairoo, he runs behind Bashir to kill him. They end up in a physical fight and Yusuf gets shot by Bashir. As Bashir runs back, he finds Khairoo there, who finally kills Bashir. Yusuf runs to the place where Noorie's body is and dies there. They both are buried and unite with each other in death.


  • Farooque Shaikh as Yusuf Fakir Mohammed

  • Poonam Dhillon as Noorie Nabi

  • Madan Puri as Lala Karamchand

  • Iftekhar as Ghulam Nabi

  • Padma Khanna as Courtesan Gita

  • Siddharth as Karamchand's daughter-in-law

  • Javed Khan as Faulad Khan

  • Bharat Kapoor as Basheer Khan

  • Avtar Gill as Basheer's friend

  • Khairoo the Dog

  • Manmohan Krishna as Saiji (Storyteller)


The following tracks were composed by Khayyam, with lyrics by Jan Nisar Akhtar, Naqsh Lyallpuri and Majrooh Sultanpuri.


1"Aaja Re O Mere Dilbar Aaja" ILata Mangeshkar, Nitin MukeshJan Nisar Akhtar04:58

2"Chori Chori Koi Aaye"Lata MangeshkarNaqsh Lyallpuri05:04

3"Qadar Tune Na Jani"Asha BhosleNaqsh Lyallpuri05:12

4"Uske Khel Nirale Wohi Jane"Pamela Chopra, Jagjit Kaur, AnwarMajrooh Sultanpuri03:24

I hope you enjoyed this article. If you want to watch the movie, you can find it on [YouTube] or [IMDb].


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