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People make up any organization. We are a group of people who wake up each day looking to share their love of movement and lifestyle health with others. Whether it was being overweight or being in chronic pain, we choose to spend time on CCHS because each of us has our own experience that was overcome by movement, good food, and people who cared. We believe that healthy nutrition, enjoying movement, and good health should be accessible to everyone. Thus, we set forth to create services that remove the barriers to exercise while also removing the negative verbiage and stigma surrounding health. We will not tell you what you need or “have to do”, we just help you define your goals and give you the tools to achieve them. That’s being human, that is true "health - care".

Members of the CCHS crew first and foremost want to bring you joy! It feels good to be around positive people, it feels good to use your body and feel capable, and it feels good to have energy from your food. Even though big corporations spend billions to sell you junk food, and even though work life has become increasingly sedentary, we believe that with the right tools and support, anyone can Defy The Odds

If this excites you and you want to contribute to our mission, please feel free to reach out via email at You can join our community, we can give you the tools to impact your community, or you can join our crew as a trainer or health professional in our network. 

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Defy The Odds

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Our Mission, Experts,
& Core Values


Make preventative health and fitness more practical and accessible by removing the barriers to high quality, person-centered, and stigma free personal training.


By individual referral within our network we have access to Doctors, Physical therapists, Registered dietitians, Psychologists, Peer support specialists, and Sleep specialists. Our trainers hold multiple degrees and certifications. 


Extreme accountability, constant growth and learning, humility, inclusion, radical transparency and open communication, trust with vulnerability, solutions first systemization, people first empowerment, & relentless commitment to purpose and clients.

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