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Make preventative health and fitness more practical and accessible by removing the barriers to high quality, person-centered, and stigma free personal training. 


Extreme accountability, constant growth and learning, humility, inclusion, radical transparency and open communication, trust with vulnerability, solutions first systemization, people first empowerment, & relentless commitment to purpose and clients.

Meet the Staff!  




Location: Whitney Point, NY

Services:  60 Minute In-Person: $54.99,

30 & 60 Min Virtual: $19.99 & $39.99

Bio: Alfred University granted me an undergraduate degree in athletic training and I received my masters in exercise science from SUNY Cortland. My whole adult life has been devoted to understanding how the human body performs and adapts to exercise. My specialties are sports performance and business. I have competed in football and track and field for 5+ years each, coached track and field, interned at an olympic training facility in the high performance department, and worked as an athletic performance specialist for the University of Rochester Medical Center. I am a certified strength and conditioning specialist, functional movement systems certified, and am very passionate about the superiority of canoes over kayaks. I would love nothing more than to fully commit to helping you reach your health goals!



SUNY Cortland graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in Fitness Development, and eager to help you achieve your health and fitness goals! 


I provide highly individualized personal training and utilize science-based principles to ensure your goals are achieved in the most effective and safe manner. I have trained a wide variety of clients from athletes to the elderly, and I am confident in my ability to train for any health and fitness goal.


When I’m not training I love playing basketball, watching sports, hiking, and spending time with family. Health and fitness is my passion, and I strive to use this passion to help as many people as I can!




I am a SUNY Cortland Graduate who’s currently pursing a Master's degree in Exercise Science. My strong suit is training through the ecological approach to perception-action in order to help individuals unlock the power of their sensory systems. My passion lies in understanding how individual differences, environmental changes, and past experiences cause people to perceive movement instructions differently. During my time in the health and fitness industry I have worked in colligate Athletic Training and Strength and Conditioning offices as well as corporate gyms and physical therapy offices. Through these experiences I have developed a wide tool belt that has equipped me to train athletes, the general population, and individuals with movement abnormalities. In my free time you can catch me playing my drums, working out, or talking someones ear off about exercise science related concepts. I consider myself to be a life long learner and plan to continue my education out side of the class room after I received my Master's degree. Helping people is not just a passion for me, it is a lifestyle that I eat, sleep, and breath. Let me help you become the healthiest and happiest version of yourself!


(Master Of All Trades)

One of the first additions to the team.  An Alfred University alum with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology as well as Renewable Energy Engineering. I competed in track and field during my school years as a sprinter and hurdler and continue to stay active. Whether it be weight lifting, running, or playing soccer with friends, I enjoy staying active and plan to do so for as long as I can.