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Abdelhamid Charef


Livrodoprofessorwizardw475: The Ultimate Guide for Online English Teachers

If you are an online English teacher, you might have heard of Livrodoprofessorwizardw475, a popular book that provides a comprehensive and practical approach to teaching English online. Livrodoprofessorwizardw475 is the Portuguese name of the book, which translates to "The Teacher's Book of Wizard". Wizard is a leading English language school in Brazil, with over 1200 branches and more than one million students. The book was written by the founder and president of Wizard, Carlos Wizard Martins, who is also a successful entrepreneur, investor, and philanthropist. In this article, we will explore what Livrodoprofessorwizardw475 is, why it is useful for online English teachers, and how to use it effectively.

What is Livrodoprofessorwizardw475?

Livrodoprofessorwizardw475 is a book that contains 475 lessons for teaching English online. Each lesson consists of a topic, a dialogue, a vocabulary list, a grammar point, a pronunciation tip, a cultural note, and some exercises. The book covers all levels of English proficiency, from beginner to advanced, and all skills, such as reading, writing, listening, and speaking. The book also includes a CD-ROM with audio files for the dialogues and exercises, as well as additional resources and activities.


Why is Livrodoprofessorwizardw475 useful for online English teachers?

Livrodoprofessorwizardw475 is useful for online English teachers because it offers several benefits, such as:

  • It provides a structured and consistent curriculum that follows the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), which is an international standard for describing language ability. This helps teachers to plan their lessons according to the students' needs and goals.

  • It offers a variety of topics that are relevant and interesting for the students, such as travel, sports, music, culture, business, and technology. This helps teachers to engage their students and motivate them to learn more.

  • It incorporates a communicative and interactive approach that focuses on developing the students' fluency and confidence in using English. This helps teachers to create a positive and dynamic learning environment where the students can practice their skills and express their opinions.

  • It includes a multimedia component that enhances the students' learning experience. The audio files provide authentic and clear examples of how English is spoken in different contexts and accents. The additional resources and activities provide extra practice and reinforcement for the students.

How to use Livrodoprofessorwizardw475 effectively?

To use Livrodoprofessorwizardw475 effectively, online English teachers should follow these tips:

  • Before each lesson, review the topic, the dialogue, the vocabulary list, the grammar point, the pronunciation tip, and the cultural note. Prepare some questions or comments to elicit the students' prior knowledge and interest in the topic.

  • During each lesson, play the audio file for the dialogue and ask the students to listen carefully. Then, ask them to repeat after the speakers or read along with them. Check their comprehension by asking them some questions about the dialogue. Explain any new words or expressions that they might not understand. Review the grammar point and ask them to give some examples or do some exercises. Practice the pronunciation tip and correct any errors that they might make. Discuss the cultural note and ask them to share their own experiences or opinions about it.

  • After each lesson, assign some homework or extra activities for the students to do on their own. These could be from the book or from the CD-ROM. Encourage them to review what they have learned and practice their skills.

  • Throughout each lesson, give positive feedback and encouragement to the students. Praise their efforts and achievements. Correct their mistakes gently and constructively. Adjust your pace and level according to their abilities and preferences. Make sure they feel comfortable and confident in speaking English.

Livrodoprofessorwizardw475 is a valuable resource for online English teachers who want to provide high-quality and effective lessons for their students. By using this book, teachers can help their students to improve their English skills and enjoy their learning journey.


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