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Saying thank you to those that have supported us in our campaign.

While we throw a lot of practical information at you, today will not be the same. If you are starving for easy to digest information, please check out our ConnectedCHS social media accounts. Our TikTok in particular has been revamped so that you can find our information more easily.

Today we would like to focus on saying thank you to those that have supported us in our above campaign. We have had quite a few people select a perk level and others have outright donated money. It is kindness and support like this that we are extremely grateful for and could not succeed without. Anyone who has supported us financially or socially to this point, thank you immensely! We really cannot express enough how much this means to us. We are looking forward to shipping out the T-shirts, emailing the health tips, and putting your names up on our stream and campaign page.

As a business, we are the underdogs in an industry that focuses on money and not the best interest of the people we are supposed to be serving. We have already increased access for those that we are currently serving and have the foundation to change the lives of those who wish to join our mission and train clients with us. Thank you all for joining the movement to Defy The Odds!

For anyone who is not aware of our services, CCHS is a preventive health network that primarily serves through in-home and virtual personal training right now. We serve the capital region of New York including Schenectady, Ballston spa, and Saratoga as well as the central New York region including Binghamton and Whitney point. Virtual training is of course offered anywhere you have service at a crazy low price of $12.99 for 30 minutes. We understand that this is stupid cheap, it’s not a scam, we are just trying to increase access to health and fitness. Reach out at if you are interested in being a trainer or receiving some training!

That is all for this week's newsletter. Thank you for reading and hope to see you soon!

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