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Social-Environmental: Remove The Resistance.

This pillar is all about controlling the stimuli in the environment around you. Constant triggers to engage in unhealthy behavior can wear down your self control and lead to frustration. This tidbit is specifically recommending that you take 5 minutes right now to check your common spaces for these triggers and remove them, hide them, or replace them with positive health triggers. For example, remove junk food from the counter and replace it with fruit for seamless healthy choices. Another example might be to have an area of your home that you associate as your workout space with equipment that is always out. Lastly, positive message boards or a journal on the nightstand might make for a resistance free way to express yourself and enter a healthy mindset. Ultimately though, it’s up to you to determine which changes are best for you, your environment, and your health goals!

CCHS and others in the community would love to hear about the changes you make in your space to remove the resistance!

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