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The Mission and Purpose of CCHS

This week is a special rendition about the mission and purpose of CCHS. Simply put, it is to improve health and the prevention of chronic disease primarily through weight loss for those that are overweight. Some of the major statistics that we throw around to stress the importance of our mission include that regular exercise decreases all cause mortality by 40%, that 300,000 americans die each year from obesity, and that over 40% of amercians are obese, a number that is growing each year.

More important though is the presence of the desire to want to change one's life. To prevent stigma and be sure that help is actually helping, the question must first be asked if a person wants to lose weight or improve their health. The overwhelming answer to this though, is yes. 66% of people that are obese try to lose weight each year, yet the percent of people that are obese contunues to rise. Further proof is that the #1, #2 and #4 most popular new year's resolutions are to improve fitness, lose weight, and improve diet respectively. ( ). Considering how many people do start to work at these goals at the new year, it does show how effective goal setting is at motivating you to get started! That said, sometimes it takes more consideration and support to keep good habits going. It might also take the removal of some frustration points or barriers that deter you from carrying on with your fitness plans. Namely; time, money, psychological comfort, the expectation of losing gains, and the overwhelming starting point.

So with that said, that is why those in the Connect Community Health Support crew are doing what we are doing. Because people want help to overcome obesity, and because people are literally dying because they cannot do so with their current circumstances. When in a room full of 10 people, 4 of them are obese and 3 of them are trying to improve their health but can’t, we feel the need to provide actual support and create sustainable change. Every person that we have talked to loves our mission and purpose, and we are now looking for more validation as we begin to train clients and make an impact. Why do we need more validation? This will provide us with more leverage and support to acquire funding so that we can grow and help more people! While we love our current wonderful humans, our ambition is to make our services available and known to anyone that wants them. We’re starting one community at a time and have already seen progress in those we work with across our services!

If you’ve read this far, you’re likely a supporter of our business and subscribe to the notion that we need to Defy The Odds. You have joined the movement, and for that we thank you! The future of health is preventative instead of fixing what is broken. We can make preventative health and fitness accessible, practical, and sustainable. We understand that you don't need to take drastic action to get a ripped 6 pack, we just want to be pain free, to not pay for extra medical bills, and be around a little longer in good health for our loved ones. Together, we can achieve that.

We’ll leave it there for this edition. As always, thank you for reading! Stay tuned as CCHS looks to launch it’s first crowdfunding campaign at which time we will have a series of perks for those who support us and bonuses for those who do so early! We will also benefit immensely from you sharing the word of our mission with your friends and family. Shameless plug, our gift cards make for great last minute holiday presents, or an exciting new surprise gift! Have a great day you wonderful humans.

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