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Top 5 Fitness Tips & Mindset Matters!

Top 5 tips and tricks

  1. Consistent exercise is key. (see below)

  2. Do activities that you like, with people that you like, in easily accessible places that you like. No matter how “disciplined” you think you are, unenjoyable activities don’t last.

  3. Block out and guard time in your schedule for fitness, and then set a phone alarm to take 5 minutes before bed to mentally prepare for the next day’s training time.

  4. Set SMART fitness goals based on processes not outcomes. Trust the process and the results will come. Create and sign reward/ punishment contracts with yourself and others based on these goals if you must!

  5. There is no secret. A well balanced exercise, nutrition, sleep and self care plan cultivated over time is all it takes. Don’t try to rationalize why this doesn’t apply to you!

Quick fix to mindset:

There is no quick fix to mindset. Mindset is motivation. Motivation is either internally or externally driven. External motivation is short lived. Internal motivation is long term. Because fitness progress is about consistency, we must pursue internal motivation. Identity, social accountability, your why, and SMART goal setting are key factors to increase internal motivation.

  1. Remember, you are a fit person. What actions would a fit person take?

  2. Who can you contact and what physical or virtual spaces can you go to to keep you accountable for your actions towards your goals?

  3. What are your SMART goals?

  4. Aside from being a fit person, what is your WHY? Your reason for being more fit?

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2 comentarios

"goals based on processes not outcomes"

I still have to work at avoiding past outcome-based goal setting.

Thanks for the mindset questions!

Me gusta
02 jun 2022
Contestando a

This is SUCH a hard one! For myself as well actually. Glad you recognized this and found it helpful! Thank you for sharing and hope you’re doing well!

Me gusta
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