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It won't be easy, but it will be worth it.
It won't be quick, but we promise to support you the whole way, and then after.

~The CCHS Crew


To the wonderful gentleman at CCHS, Thanks for everything! I have really enjoyed having a regular exercise session to attend, with live interaction with an instructor. It keeps me motivated when I have trouble getting started. Knowing that I have someone looking out for me and excited to see me - If I had just been working off pre-recorded videos, I doubt I would have been nearly as consistent. Seth has been a blast to watch and joke with. I really only started working out this past January. I have done classes in the past (even had a personal trainer for a bit) but that was years and a couple more kids ago. I realized that my shirt/pant size was increasing again and I got really discouraged at my weight. I don't want to get bigger anymore. I enjoy my sweets a bit too much so losing weight has always been a bit hard, but I have lost 10lbs in the last few months and have NOT put it back on again. Still working on the next 10. My range of motion and balance have definitely seen an improvement though. I can stand on one foot and catch my ankle for a standing quad stretch again. Both sides. Had a really hard time with that 6 months ago. The last 12 weeks have had difficult and challenging moments but this are just what I was looking for that day in March when I stumbled upon your test stream. I look forward to continuing and the improvements that will come my way as a result. Thank you.

~HappyFaceCandle - Free Virtual Exercise Training Live Stream 

When I found out about Connected Community Health Support, I was immediately drawn in because of the ease of an at home workout with an anonymous experience! After the first few weeks of working out, I was losing weight, and feeling really good! I started to pair a diet with the program, and I started losing weight faster and seeing greater results! As I write this today, I am down 20 pounds, eating much healthier, and I wake up everyday with motivation and energy! With the help of one of the mentors and my good buddy Seth, I was able to follow his workouts easily; he is engaging, super funny, and knows a thing or two about exercise science! So here’s to Adam, Jake, and Seth for bringing the community a better opportunity for getting fit 🍻 I am looking forward to the weeks to come, and I can’t wait to see the future progress, and to trust in this great process 💪🏽 


I’ve been working with Adam since January and he’s made me a better golfer- literally. We’ve been doing exercises to help with rotation and power and I’ve been hitting tee shots at least 25 yards further than I’ve ever done. We also do intervals at each session which I really like, Adam always changes up the routine which keeps it interesting to say the least. I love working out with Adam and actually look forward to seeing him every week. This is my first experience with a personal trainer and I couldn’t be happier!

~Janet F - In-Home Personal Training 

My initial goal was to improve my core strength to prevent further injuries and lose weight as a bonus however; I have accomplished so much more than that – improved balance, posture, confidence, and a new clothing size! I have accomplished all of this and more with personal training sessions with Adam Fox. If you are thinking about getting started or need a new challenge in your workouts, look no further, Adam is your guy. He individualizes each session and knows exactly how much to push me. If left on my own, I would quit long before my limit was reached. He “pushes” me, so that I reach my potential and I feel proud of my accomplishments. The results have been unbelievable. It has made such a positive difference in my life!

~Theresa N -In-Home Personal Training

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