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35 Easy, Cheap, Healthy, & Delicious Recipes!

Do you enjoy the way fast food makes you feel or the way restaurants hit your bank account? Of course not! Today you get the recipes you deserve for free! Researched to be high in protein and low in cost, these are the ultimate budget friendly ways to lose weight in the kitchen. Right now you are thinking "But you silly goose, I don't have time to make food no matter how cheap!" to which we anticipated and said, “challenge accepted”! The time required to make the recipe is listed right on each of the 35 recipes we compiled with the calories, price, ingredients, instructions, the creator, and lastly a pretty nice picture!

You can make your cooking easier, cheaper, and more delicious by clicking this link this LINK for access to your 35 recipes for free! Also yes, there are 5 vegetarian and 5 vegan recipes to make sure that anyone can partake! Lastly, you want something more engaging and a step by step process than a recipe. SO stay tuned as we pick a recipe and invite guests into our stream to make the food with you on live stream! All you have to do is pick up the ingredients for the recipe we list before we go live and then follow along to make it delicious. If you are excited about this then feel free to reach out and request which one we do first! If you are a nutrition content creator and would be interested in being a guest on our channel, reach out and we can work to get you on! As usual, thank you for reading you wonderful humans and good luck as you Join The Movement and Defy The Odds.

P.S. This is the area for our free workouts that will have the recipe preparation and other lifestyle health content!

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