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Nutrition: Meal Prepping And Easy Healthy Foods

The nutrition pillar is all about making food not only healthy, but easy to make and easy to choose to eat. This falls into the general field of removing resistance, but specifically for your diet. The best thing you can do to make healthy food choices easier is to spend $5-$30 on food storage containers. This will allow you to take a free hour and prepare healthy meals or snacks for the following days. Having a healthy snack to grab or a healthy meal to reheat makes for an easy planned alternative when you’re hungry, craving sugar, or want unhealthy food.

If you loathe that idea, then try putting some easy to make healthy food items on your grocery list instead! These are nutrient and protein dense foods that can be made in less than 5 minutes.

Following are some examples of meal prep ideas and easy to make healthy foods.

  • Cut up and washed veggies such as broccoli, carrots, cauliflower or your own favorite.

  • Making 3x the serving of any healthy meal to store for easy reheating.

  • Easy to meal prep oat bars, tuna fish salad, or chicken and broccoli.

  • Easy to prepare greek yogurt with granola or cottage cheese with whatever you like!

As always, CCHS and community members would love to hear about your life hacks that make nutrition easier, healthier, and more practical!

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