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Hi all you wonderful people! I am known as happyfacecandle and I am a mother of four located in Nova Scotia, Canada.

Last year I decided I was going to improve my health and lose some weight. I started stretching and exercising with YouTube videos and a couple exercise based Wii games. I also looked for Twitch streamers that had broadcasts in the mid morning (Usually a Zumba stream). I knew if I had a set time to work out that I would be (a lot) more consistent.

I discovered the CCHS streams in late March of 2021. They were just starting a year long body weight based HIIT program. PERFECT! I have been participating in it ever since.

My health has improved, my mobility has increased and I've even lost a couple pounds. And considering my sweet tooth, that's quite the accomplishment for me.

I am continuing my mid-morning workouts on my own, either with a HIIT timer I downloaded on my phone or watching the recorded workout from the previous day's noon stream. It's a good time for me, though I miss the live stream interaction.

Thanks CCHS! You have been, and continue to be, a positive influence in my life.





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