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Online Personal Training PLUS+

Industry Best Prices, Better Quality, Promised Results PLUS Free Nutrition Guidance

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We’ll schedule a quick call or video chat to answer your questions and/or get you partnered with the best trainer for you! It's that easy.


  • First, Assessment.

  • Second, you get 36 sessions 1-On 1 with a CCHS trainer (3x a week for 12 weeks). They lead you through a high-quality and individualized fitness program. The PLUS represents additional complementary support from our 7 research backed pillars. This includes nutritional guidance! Just another thing that separates CCHS from the rest.

  • Third, re-assess and see your results! 

Unreal Offer? We know.

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Try Our Experts, Science, and Promised Results.

Our Trainers Certifications

Want to save money, look and feel better, reduce pain, and increase your confidence?  

The average client will spend less on training than they save on medical expenses. Think about that. Just email the CCHS Crew to join. 

Free Shirt After The Program!
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 30 Reasons To Start Today 

  1. No BS: We despise harmful fads, fake diet pills, and gimmick equipment. We are experts in the field; that crap doesn't work. Even worse, it often does long term harm. We promise results because you deserve the truth, clarity, simplicity, and results.

  2. Live Longer: Fitness and weight loss can extend your life by preventing cancer, heart attack, stroke, diabetes, and other terrible diseases. 

  3. Less Pain: Non-medical back pain, sore joints, and inflammation suck. Did you know that you could your pain with one of our fitness experts?

  4. Don't Die: Getting older? Falls kill (link). Fitness training is the #1 way to be able to catch yourself from falling AND not break bones if you do fall. Strong reactive muscles means stronger bones means healthier aging. 

  5. NO Hassle: Our friendly staff will guide you through the simple sign up and booking process while on a video with you to make sure that technology doesn't frustrate you. We make health easy.

  6. Feel Better: You could have more self confidence, more energy, and more physical capability. It feels good to feel good, doesn't it? 

  7. Look Better: Whatever this means to you, we can help you get there. 

  8. Easy: Barriers to health holding you back? CCHS was created to remove every barrier to your health. Ball is in your court! 

  9. Easier: No need to travel, you can train from the comfort of home.

  10. Easiest: Our trainers adapt for every level and keep the path simple. No more extra thinking or second guessing on your end.

  11. Save Money: Have health conditions related to your weight? You could save $1,849 per year by losing weight with CCHS. Yes, savings on medical spending is more than our services cost on average.

  12. More Affordable: We don't steal 75% of our trainers hourly wage like most training companies. This keeps costs down for you.

  13. Quality: CCHS trainers are all experienced, degree holding, and heavily vetted to make sure you only get the best. We bet our money on it!

  14. Nutrition: Your diet matters, we make it simple. You get meal plans, easy numbers, and we meet you where you are at. 

  15. Stigma Free: Being person-centered is one of our core values. We don't use guilt or make you feel bad to reach your goals. 

  16. Support Community: 5% of our profits go towards community health events to help those who can't afford food let alone personal training.

  17. Mental Health: Exercise induced endorphins are just the start. Decrease anxiety and depression with an easy fix. 

  18. Join a Community: We are building our crew. Clients are encouraged to also be allies for our fellow wonderful humans. Thus the name, connected community health support!

  19. Momentum: Anyone can lose 5 pounds in a week. Keeping it off and continuing progress is where we come in. No frustration, just results

  20. Friendly Service: You deserve to feel valued. We value kindness and actually making your health process something to look forward to! 

  21. More Value: Other trainers just do fitness. CCHS provides comprehensive support for you via our 7 pillars; Exercise, Nutrition, Sleep, Mindset, Socio-cultural, Finance, and Policy Change.

  22. Proof: Want to check out our testimonials linked here?  People choose CCHS for a reason.

  23. Connected: We have a network of health professionals in our network and on our side ranging from doctors to nutritionists. Health is connected, so are we. Need a referral?

  24. Free: You get a free shirt in your size after you complete the guaranteed program AND you get a free first training session AND you get free nutritional coaching. What more could you want?

  25. Blood pressure: If you want to get off blood pressure medications with a cure that holds no side effects other than feeling great, call us. 

  26. Less doctors: Do you like the cold white walls of the doctors office? How about the health packets that tell you to lose weight but don't tell you how? It's possible to improve your health, and it's easy with CCHS. 

  27. Less medications: Look, we aren't magicians... but we are scientists and if you want to get off the side effects of medications and save money then we can do that together through diet and exercise. 

  28. New Hobby: You time is rare and self care is important, you knew that. Did you consider being the impressive kind of person whose hobby is to take care of their health? Pass the time with our smiling trainers. 

  29. Commitment: If 12-weeks is too much, that's okay! We have services at an affordable cost for everyone. Click here to book commitment free!

Ready to start the 12 Week Program? 

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